Meet our team & contributors

It takes a village to make life and business well!

Here is my go to team for everything that we do around here at Having a team that is creative, fun, that share your vision and values is the key to success. Collaborations and partnership is what make us great. At we believe in combining our own talent & vision with amazing and creative people like us, we believe in community and in genuine relationships, and this is why we have the most talented team and contributors that help us create the best content for you. 

I know that you will love them as much as we do! 

Mr. Padró

Fashion Stylist & Lifestyle Blogger. 


Mr. Padró, is part of our editorial & fashion stylists collaborators. 


Lisa Rodriguez

Fashion Specialist & Owner of Li Fashion Specialist Boutique

Boutique: Li Fashion Specialist 

Lisa, has been one of our go to pretty clothes. Her unique approach and selection of pretty outfits in her boutique made her one of our top choice!   


Jose Ruiz 

Fashion & Wedding Photographer 

Website:  & Instagram: @JoseRuizPhoto

Jose is the oficial photographer of Zahí


Caleb Oquendo



Caleb is our oficial videographer for ZahíraDomenech channel