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We are looking for a new super creative, organized, highly motivated "Studio & media asssistant" we are hopping to find someone who's genuinely kind, knows their way arround a MAC and who appreciates working on a creative feel. 

This is a office position mainly but NOT limited to it. This is a part-time job for around 20hrs a week aprox. Office located in Toa Alta, PR


*** Basic knowledge in:

- Graphic design

- Some video editing (basic level)

- Photoshop

- Bilingual (able to talk and write in English & Spanish)

- Creative/ Basic Design Skills

- Most posses laptop

- Most posses personal photography equipment

- Willing to learn and have a positive personality

Please submit your resume with basic information and also any link to your portfolio and social media accounts so we can evaluate it and contact you. I'm very excited to know you and I'm really looking forward to work together.   Send your info at: "".


Name *
Knowledge in Photoshop *
knowledge in video editing *
Knowledge in Graphic design *
Posses personal photography equipment *
Posses Laptop *
Bilingual (write and speak English & Spanish) *