3 life lessons that I have learned in front of my husband camera lens!

3 life lessons that I have learned in front of my husband camera lens!

: Let's talk Ladies :

3 life lessons that I have learned in front of my husband camera lens!

1. The number one lesson is that Happiness is the most beautiful thing that a woman can possess:

- After seeing so many stunning women in front of his camera I have to say that the one that look best are the most happiest. I believe that happiness is contagious and when you're happy you look your best, you feel your best and I believe that with a smile you can conquer any difficult situation in life.

So ladies let's take the time to invest in our happiness and I promise you, you not only will look your best but you will conquer the world. 🙌

2. Life can be as good as you want depending on how you see it:

- When I work with my husband behind the scenes in our shoots, one of the things that I have learned it is depending on the lighting I will look best. So after thinking about this I thought that life is the same. Life can be good if you are willing to see it in another way and with a new perspective. If he stops when he have bad lighting, he will never have good pictures.

So ladies you can apply this in to your life too. Life can be as good as you want, if you're willing to see things differently and if you are willing to search and find out the good lighting in your life. Is always about how you look at things.

3. Confidence is key to success:

After many years that he has been taking many pictures of me, I have seen that when I feel confident everything around fall in to place and our shoots are perfect. As well as many women I'm don't always feel confident in me. But I noticed when I feel confident in my gifts in my work and in myself, everything is easy and I really accomplish more and accomplish my dreams.

So ladies, even if you don't feel at your best remember that you are unique, special, intelligent and you have everything in you to accomplish your dreams.

Be confident in your gifts, in your talents and in yourself and I promise you will accomplish your dreams.

Ladies, don't wait until everything is "Perfect" don't wait to be skinny, to have money or to ...... whatever you are waiting for! Start today to do whatever you want in life! Be Happy, Be confident and in difficult times allway look for other ways to see your life and your circumstances, always look for solutions and for the ligth!! 🙏🏻

xo 💕

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