What is Meaningful Growth?

What is Meaningful Growth?

Is when you rise above all circumstance, is when you make progress even when you fell that you can not see the final destination, is loving yourself so much that you stop thinking of what others ask from you and you start asking you the right questions like;

1. Am I happy doing this?

2. What I really want in life?

3. How I can be at service for others but in an authentic way?

4. How can I grow more as a person, as a mom as a business owner, as a friend?

5. What can I learn from this?

6. What are the things that are meaningful and really important in my life?

Meaningful Growth is looking for propose and not perfection, is looking for happiness in simples things in life, is to create an intentional and purposeful life, is doing what makes you happy instead of doing things for money, for ego, for comparison, for fear, for lack of faith. So, this is why since 2013 I have been working on this project of creating a planner that is more than a planner. At that time I was just finished with my last "chemo" treatment few months before, so I was thinking of the things that I wanted to do next. So, I wrote this guide to help me achieve all of my goals and the things that I wanted to accomplish at that time and I took inspiration on so many hand writing journals that I collected for over 14 years (I know I love journaling) So, this planner was born with the desired to share a system that has helped me in so many ways in my life. 
I have learned that life is not about money or fancy things, like what car I own, what house I live in, how successful is my business , or how perfect is my kid & husband, Life is about Meaningful Growth!! Is about doing things with simplicity, its loving with our full heart, is about meaningful relationships, its about faith, laughs, its about free time to do the things you love and are really important to you, its about managing your time to nurture what is really important. This is your family, yourself and God! 

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