Choosing my wedding dress

Hi my wedding lovers!!

As the time is close to our wedding we have been working in so many amazing things in our life's and as well planning beautiful weddings for our clients! Today I want to share with you the experience of selecting my wedding dress.

So, let me tell you the true story behind choosing my wedding dress!! On January 24 I visit my friends at D' Royal Bride  looking for ideas for my bridesmaids dresses, Andrea that is the Marketing Manager told me " Zahíra, I will not Show you any bridesmaids dresses until you select a wedding dress for you" :) (I was on negation to try a wedding dress because in my mind I want to be skinning to try a wedding dress) So, if this is you!! Do't worry I understand you!! But Andrea was firm on what was the best as a bride!! (They are the expert) In been a Bride is so different when you plan your own wedding even if you are a expert like me.

So, I walk to the second floor of the boutique and she told me " Zahíra, I have the perfect dress for you!" When when she show me the dress I was in shock!! Because it was the dress that I wish to have for my wedding. I was in shock that she even choose that dress for me without knowing that was my dream dress. So, I was on negation again! I told her that I do't wanted to try it the dress because if not fit me I will be so disappointed, but she insisted and I try it, and It fit me like it was made just for me! and then I felt instantly in love and emotional and So! So! Emotional!! It felt like that was my dress! and I started to cry like a girl!! And I swore that this never happen to me, I was thinking you know all my bride cry when they felt that the dress is the perfect one, but I was expected that that dosent happen to me, because I'm so many experience in wedding. But I was so wrong! I can describe the emotional feelings that I had at that time. So, Right in the spot I select my dress and I have to say that it experience has been the most beautiful experience as a Bride!

Here I share part of this experience with you! (Even you you don't see in here my wedding dress because is a surprise I promise that I will share the pictures after the wedding the exact day that I select my beautiful wedding dress)

and before we continued to all the pictures of this experinces by Gabriel Gonzalez Photography  I wan to thanks the wonderful staff of D' Royal Bride not for only make me feel like a beautiful bride and make this experience unique and special for me and for the amazing relationship that we have for over 11 years were they have been creating this same experience for our clients. Thanks to Andrea Santiago & Damaris for this beautiful experience.