Grooms Tuxedo

What about the experience of the groom? Usually weddings are focused about the experience of the bride but this is not the case of Leonardo Fifth Avenue. Few months ago we were on there new store and they created an amazing experience for JR.  Leonardo Cordero, CEO & Designer of the company personally took care of the groom attire and shared with us 8 tips on buy your tuxedo.

•Select your tuxedo within 6 to 8 months before the wedding.

•Make sure to understand the dress code which depends on the hour and the formality of the event.

•Dark colors are for the night and bright colors are for daytime events.

• If the bride is wearing a full wedding dress, make sure to wear a tuxedo.

•You have to decide from a Slim Fit or a Modern Fit. The fit will depend on your figure and posture.

•Buy or Rent? The groom can either buy or rent his tuxedo. For the groomsmen is best to rent, depending on the budget. This also gives uniformity to all of them.

•Attention to details! Need to wear formal jewelry, shoes, socks, accessories, square pocket etc…

•Vist Leonardo's to buy or rent your toxido.