Choosing your florist

Choosing your florist

Choosing your florist

 Well, for me this one was difficult because for so many years we design and create beautiful décor for our weddings and for the past years we are working with amazing and talented florist's to design the weddings of our clients. And if you are like me; I’m a bride and a wedding planner that is very hands on in this area, so choosing someone that can create the specific style that I want and that I can trust it was difficult because I have so many amazing collages that work with me in my daily basics, so choosing just one was a challenge. So for me it's super important to have someone that I can be involve, that I can ask hundreds of times the same questions,  that I can make changes and give my personal ideas and even help in the design process without felling bad that this person will feel bad about it. Thanks Good I have the perfect Girl for me on this! And I know that together we will create the wedding of my dreams.

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Flowers are my weakness, everyone that knows me know that I'm not a simple girl when we talk about wedding decor and flowers, even that sometimes we have to create small and simple designs for our clients. My personal taste is that you will never have enough flowers on a wedding.  So when I was looking for a florist to work with me in this area at first I talk with JR  I told him that I wanted to make my own flower arrangements {What!!! First mistake that a bride can do on her wedding day, even if you have the experience to do it} So, this was his first reaction: {Zahíra, I want you to be the bride on your wedding day, not the florist & not the wedding planner. I just want you to be present on our wedding and that you enjoy the day as one of your clients} . So, that was the beginning of my journey to decide who will be creating one of the most important peace of my wedding. Like I say before it was a not easy task because we have so many talented colleges that we work in our daily basics.

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So first I think about my personality, Like any wedding planner for so many years in business I have something of a "Control freak" in my personality, I like to control and plan the outcomes in each of my events and my wedding is not the exception. So I need it someone that knows me and someone that have the patience and the love to work with me. Someone that understand my vision and give me the opportunity to be involve in the process. Then I think about the style that I wanted to create, I need it someone that can create the lavish wedding arrangements that I was looking for my wedding and after much thinking I decided to go with my dearly friend Patricia of Lorraine Flowers  and this process has been amazing and fun to work with her, she have the patience that needed, she guide me and she give me the freedom to be involve and co-create with her on one of  the most special day's of my life. So think of what is really important for you. Try to meet with the florist and do a research of her style, Look for inspirations to demonstrate what you like and not like, Select the colors and flowers and be open to give the freedom to your florist to make her magic and always remember in all case commination is the key, be clear of your expectations and trust they can do an amazing work.

So let me present you the Girl that create many of our weddings at Eventus by Zahira! Here name is Patricia and she has been in here family business seems she can remember, playing with flowers has been her life for over a decade

So because Playing with flowers is something that we share here is a shooting that we create few weeks ago to share with you some behind the seances of our planning process