zahira domenech

Celebrating my marriage

zahira domenech
Celebrating my marriage

Hi Wedding Lovers!

Today I want to share a beautiful words with you to get you inspire to have a marriage more beautiful than your wedding, because that its my ultimate goal and I hope it's your's too.

Here is a beautiful inspiration form our friends at Proverbs 31 I usually read their post in Facebook but resently I buy there App and I love it so much because is for people like that are spiritual and not have so much time during the time but still is important to dedicate a time to God daily, So there App First 5  will help you to dedicate to God your first 5 minutes of the day, to you can start your day with a full heart and spirit.

So, today I was in FB posting some of Social Media post for Eventus by Zahira  and I read this beautiful message and I have to say this touch me in so many ways. I'm divorce so I know what docent's work in a marriage, I know about failures and broken heart and I know that Marriage is about 2 people that are compromise in been together for the rest of there life, its about respect, its about love, faithfulness, its about honesty and commitment to love each other no matter what.   So this is why planning a wedding for me its not only to plan a beautiful event but most importantly to plan and encourage each other to have a Marriage more beautiful!

And todays writing at Proverbs 31 its all what I need it to read today!! I hove this Inspires you too on having a beautiful marriage that last for ever.

“Celebrate always…” (1 Thessalonians 5:16) Not just when we feel like it. Always.

This kind of celebration isn’t a well-planned party or inspired whimsy; this kind of celebration is a choice. It’s a deliberate barrage against ingratitude, a calculated attack on apathy.

To celebrate our spouse always means looking for what’s right rather than bemoaning what’s wrong. We focus on hope rather than wallow in disappointment; we acknowledge extraordinary grace in life’s ordinary grit.

To celebrate always is a daily decision to fan the flames of love in every season of the soul … ’til death do us part.

"I will love to know your advice on how to celebrate your spouse in new circumstance"

Happy Planning my Wedding Lovers!!