4 of July celebration

Hi Wedding Lovers!!

Today we are celebrating the 4th of July and our "meet-up anniversary" and to celebrate and be in the spirit of independence here 3 tips on how to maintain your unique personality and be independent and have a beautiful relationship.

So, let me tell you a story.

Something that I learn few years ago was to love myself even with the things that I don't like to much and this is a working progress for life. Like anyone else sometimes you can try to fit in to a relationship not only with your future husband, but with clients, with friends and with society in general just to be accepted and sometimes you can't even notice that you can lose yourself along the way.

So I promise myself that I try my best to never again settle for less than I desever and to never again lose myself in any relationship. JR & I have a great balance on this and this is something that I really love of our relation.

I'm NOT!! an expert on relationships at all!! I have fail big time!! But I will share with you some of the things that I think are working and that know with have learned with our failures.


3 tips on how to have authenticity and be independent and have a beautiful relation.

1. Embrace your personality: This is what I call "Be yourself". I'm almost 35 and I have learn that you have to understand that you will change with time and your partner too. You will grow and you will love other things that maybe in the past you don't like it and is the same with your partner. You will not be the same. For so much part of my life I always was afraid that people notice that I'm a little "needy" (Something that I don't love about my personality) but I have learn to embrace my personality even with my flaw. When you know all your flaw's but you know all of your virtues is something that people will notice, you will be more secure of who you are and your value and you will not need that anyone give you the value that you can give to yourself. So, I encourage you to be yourself, embrace who you are with all the good in you. Remember when you love yourself you will attract someone that Love you too. And talking about loving yourself, this is something that JR always remind me!! Sometimes we put always other people first and then we always put ourself for last and in some cases I believe this is good  but JR has teach me that he love me more when I take care of myself, when I love myself and I speak my mind, I ask for what I want without fear and when I love my body and all about me. And you may ask Why? Why? he can love you more when you love yourself and put yourself first and take care of you, I will explain you why: Is very simple BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE HAPPY PEOPLE, and when you take care of you most likely you are more happy and more positive, secure and all thouse feelings and actitudes are attractive and we all want to be surrounded by happy & positive people!! Like Andrey Hepburn say "Happy Girls are the Prettiest"

2. Have a time just for you: You have to make time to do all the things that you love. JR Love ride he's bike and I know that this a time that he needs to be more productive at work, calm his mind and be happy. Me at the other hand he know that if I don't do Yoga, go outside, lunch with friends or do my nails, I'm more happy, productive and I can be more relax so we know the importance of having some space to do things that we love and we enjoy. When you do things that you love and make you happy you are more happy in your relationship. So, I encourage you to go outside of your routine and do something that you enjoy and I promise that you will have new ideas, new topics of conversations with your partner but most important you will feel happy and happiness is contagious in a relationship.

3. Don't Lose sight of your dreams: Dream define us. They make us what we are and give us something to strive for. Just because you enter a relationship does not mean you should sacrifice your dreams for them. In fact, the exact opposite is true. A truly good, loving relationship is based upon both parties having dreams and goals. A good partner is someone who is willing to allow his or her partner their dreams without naysaying or ridiculing them. Knowing mutual support is available if it is needed and the understanding hat both partners news space to strive for their dreams in the hallmark or a strong relationship. Something that I love of JR is that he support me in all my goals and dreams and I will always supper his dreams and goals too. So, I encorrage you to not lose your dreams. Keep Dreaming and accomplish your Goals.

I hope this tips can inspires you to have a beautiful relationship with yourself and your partner and to create a marriage more beautiful than your wedding.

Happy 4th of July and Happy "meet-up anniversary" to us!!