Meaningful Marriage Collection

Hi friends, 

So, this is the story behind this section on our blog. Meaningful Marriage is a collection of my journey into planning my own wedding + creating a meaningful marriage more beautiful than my wedding. This section is very special for me. As you or may not know I was divorce with a 8 year old boy, the first time I get marry I was 21, I was young and even that that marriage don't work for booth of us and it was a really sad season in my life we share the most beautiful gift someone can have and that is my son #sebymiamor  after almost 3 years of been alone after I get divorce, I was very determinate to be alone, grow my business and race my son alone and happy. But God had other plans for me and my Seby. So, after 2 years of dating JR (My Husband) we get engage and after that this story begins. 

So, I commit myself to create a meaningful marriage and for me a meaningful marriage is a relationship that is loving, respectful, strong and fun and in this collection I share my heart in the goods and in the lessons, I share our story as we booth grow in this beautiful marriage with love, compassion, forgiveness, support and communication and my hope is to inspired you to do the same, having a marriage is something that you have to nature every day, every second, some days are better than others and definitely a marriage is not a "fairytale"  to have a happy marriage booth have to be committed and share the same vision. So, I hope if you are marry or you are thinking of getting marry soon not only we can plan your beautiful wedding but I hope to inspire you to create your own Meaningful Marriage!