Setting and achiving your goals in 2017

Setting and achiving your goals in 2017

What is about January that we all think is the perfect time to do something new with our life? Yes, is the first month of the year and we feel that we are starting over.  But what about all this goals of the last year that you even look at them? What about all this goals that you even try to accomplish them this pass year? Let me explain you why usually we don’t do most of our goals or resolutions.

1. They usually are goals that doesn’t have a real meaning for you? Deep down on your sub-contions they are superficial goals and they don’t have a base or a real purpose in your life.

2. We were afraid to succeeded; I know this sound really estrange!! Well I have been here, Sometimes al feel this way when I have a Goal that is bigger than me and I’m afraid to succeed because the majority of the time maybe you feel that you will have to work more and have more responsibilities that you actually have, or maybe is because you feel that you will have to maintain that success, you are afraid of all the things that will come of this new accomplish in your life.

3 You procrastinate, you feel lazy and you make all the excuses to not start right away and you say to yourself ok! I will start tomorrow and when tomorrow come you don’t start and you put your action plan for later.

4. You DON’T Take Actions!! Because you want something perfect! And when you look for perfection even in creating and making your goals happen sometimes this stop us for progress and actually make thing happen.

5. And Last! You think you can’t not do it!! and you don’t know how to start! 


So, I feel that I have accomplish so much in my life and in my business even that with regularity I’m always looking to do more and Sometimes I feel that I’m not were I wan to be jet!. I will share with you what has helping me to make most of my goals happen in my life and in my business.

First one of the biggest thing that even me have to work on this year is looking for progress not perfection and don’t procrastinate. So, first read all the 5 reasons that usually people fail to do on creating there goals and choose one or two of the things that you know you have to work this year and after that do this steps. This is actually my own formula to create all my goals happen and I hope this can help you too.

1. Take a look at las year: Ask yourself What has been working and What has not working and what you learn in the last year? For example for me last year things that work was take massive actions and have a clear vision were I want to be in the next month, this help me to have a clear view of my goal and what I have to reach them. Things that has not work las year in even today I’m fighting to not do it is worrying!! Worry is like praying for what you don’t want!! and when you are worry you stop making progress, you stop seeing solutions and you lose focus on the big picture. So, Ask yourself what work and din’t work last year and do more of what work and try your best not to do what doesn’t work.

2. Base in the first step what are the things you are saying yes and what are the things that you are saying no: For Example, I’m saying yes to meditate and to pray more because this make me feel in control of my emotion and my life, this make me feel more in aliment with God and when I’m in aliment with God everything feel good even the hard times, because I know that I’m not alone. I’m sing yes to have a intentional life and cultivate a business with real purpose and with real meaning not only to make money and this will help me to make all the right things to do to make the necessary changes to create something more in aliment with my soul. I’m saying yes to create a beautiful marriage with JR and nurturing my son more and more every day.

I’m saying no to Worry, to forget that God is with me and he will open the doors that are the best options for me, I’m saying no to comparison, I’m saying no to have people in my life that only want to take something and not to nurturing meaningful and intentional relationships, I’m say no to work so hard that I forget to live. So, what are the things that you will say yes and not too so you can make what matter most in your life.

3. Take Massive Actions: One step at a Time!! I have to say that this is the most important!! Not set Goals and put them on your journal, Write them, make a plan and take actions, even if something small, because even with just one small step you will be creating progress.

I hope this tips will help you this year to create all those Goals that ere meaningful to you!!