Hi friends,

I’d like to introduce you our new series. We will be interviewing powerful and brilliant women that are trend setters, women that are inspirational, creative and fun. They are creating meaningful growth in their life and careers and I personally admire them so much and this is why I’d like to share with you their stories. We want you to be inspired to create the life of your dreams, achieve your goals and create meaningful growth in your life and career.

This new series is all about strong women; about celebrating our community and empowering each other to be better, to dream big and to work hard for what we really care in life. You will love their stories and their advice.

Today my first guest is diana otero of andandos a Travel Blog! Read her interview and visit her work, you will love her as much as I do.

 1.    Introduction (Can you please tell us more about you, what you do?)

Studied Journalism and I have a Masters in Public Relations. For various reasons I put aside my job and career, and started working with my husband, who is a wedding and commercial photographer. Together we have a travel blog called Andados, where we document our trips, share tips and off course photos of every destination we visit. 

2.    Tell us about your story? (How you started in your career or Business)

Our blog started as a way to provide our friends, family and even some Facebook friends tips, trip agendas and recommendations. These where frequently asked questions, so we figured it was a great way to share our traveling knowledge on a larger scale. Plus, it is a great outlet to share our trip photos.

3.    What three things you can’t live without?

Definitely family, but if we talk about material things it would be coffee, my cellphone and a hairband.

4.    What is your strategy to create your big goals in life? (Some advise for our readers)

I don’t think there is an actual concrete strategy. I think the best way to stay on track is to set out smaller goals. This way you goals can be achieved in a more realistic time log keeping you focused and occupied. Not everybody knows exactly what they want to be or what their passion is. The path to self discovery can be long but sometimes finding that path is the big goal. 

5.    How do you create balance in life and career?

Being inspried with everything I experience is a way to feed my creativity. This creativity helps me simultaneously in my life and my career. For many your career is your passion and this will certainly  influence your life and how you choose to live. It is all about balance and priorities. 

6.    Your life Motto?

“Be a voice, not an echo”.

7.    What are some struggles you’ve faced in achieving your dreams? And what lessons you learned in the process that our readers can learn from?

The moment I left my job I  believed my career was over. But then I just chose to change my mindset and trace new goals in life, find a new passion, and a new career. It is quite common to work in a field that you may have not even studied. Life is a journey and sometimes it takes you through unknown roads. You just have to keep going forward. 

8.    Favorite book?

Although I like to read I get constant inspiration from magazines, newspapers and blogs. 

9.    Your favorite Instagram account and blog and why you love them that much?

Can’t decide on a favorite Instagram account. I do follow a lot of travel blog IG accounts that inspire me everyday. Also I am an avid beauty blogger follower. I really like Camila Coelho. 🙂 

10.   Where do you find inspiration?

I can find inspiration in everything and anything. From something I see in the street to a conversation with someone. The key is to see and capture the details. 

 11.   Tell us about your dreams? Where do you want to go, what do you want to do and why?

Well, there are no limits for dreams, so mine is to travel the World with my husband. 

12.     3 Business Tips to gain more followers and more sales?

I believe that the best way to gain followers is to be true to them. Do not copy posts from other sites or blogs, always be yourself, and most important, answer all the messages. People love to be addresed and love the iterraction with bloggers they admire. The like to feel connected and listened. 

13.      What is the most important thing in your life and why?

Health. It is everything you need to accomplish anything.  

14.  Favorite Word?

Wow, I don’t know what’s my favorite word. Maybe some word in Spanish like “terciopelo” or “acaramelado“. 

15.   Favorite Business Tools?

My mind. 

16.     What is your daily routine?

I try to stay away from the word routine, but if there is something I do everyday is to wake up early, make some coffee and calmly drink it. It’s like uploading for what the rest of the day will bring. After coffee I am ready to go! 

17.       What habits you have that are helping you to accomplish your goals?

I don’t have any habits in particular (coffee drinking aside). Been thinking of exercising daily, it’s on my New Year’s Resolutions List (since 2005).

18.       What a Meaningful Life & Business Looks Like?

Everything that makes you wake up every morning happy and in peace is meaningful. 

19. What other projects or big goals you have for the future? 

Expanding my blog and keep working alongside my husband is definitely what I see myself doing. Continue exploring, visiting and learning about the world is my biggest goal at the moment.

To follow more about Diana and all her daily life follow her:

Instagram: @dianao

Facebook:  @andandos