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Welcome to a new interview of our series “This Girl Knows Growth” were every week we have an interview with amazing women that I admired so much. This new series is all about strong women; about celebrating our community and empowering each other to be better, to dream big and to work hard for what we really care in life. You will love their stories and their advice. We want you to be inspired to create the life of your dreams, achieve your goals and create meaningful growth in your life and career.

Today my guest is the amazing Fashion Designer lisa thon, Lisa was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico from a mix of American, Irish, German and Puerto Rican ancestors. She have been the designer for many celebrities and In 2006 Thon was the first Puerto Rican designer to feature a collection during the prestigious New York Fashion Week. She was awarded the “Puerto Rican Heritage Award” by the Comitée Noviembre in New York City.

I had the pleasure to interview her for our group “tuesday together” and I learned so much about her story and her business skills. I’m so honored to have lisa thon with us today, she is an amazing fashion designer with more that 15 years on the fashion industry.  I promise you will love her as much as I do, she is funny, she is smart and she knows how to celebrate life.

Meet my friend lisa thon!

 1.    Introduction (Can you please tell us more about you, what you do?)

I have been a Fashion Designer and Instructor for the past twenty six years.

2.    Tell us about your story? (How you started in your career or Business)

Since my early years, I loved to draw and learned to sew very young with my mother as part of her “family summer projects” at home. During high school I started taking patternmaking classes and decided to study Fashion Design as my career. “Altos de Chavón Escuela de Diseño” at Dominican Republic was my first introduction to the industry, and later on I completed my studies at “Pasons School of Design” in New Yourk city. A few years after that, I took a post graduate degree at Paris Fashion Institute in France. In 1996, having taught courses at Universities in Puerto Rico, I opened my own Fashion Design School, “Centromoda”.

3.    What three things you can’t live without?

I could not live without my family, coffee and art. This three put my inspirations into constant movement.

4.   What is your strategy to create your big goals in life? (Some advise for our readers)

As a personal experience, I would advise to anyone interested in achieving their goals, to first of all study, learn as much of your interest in business, and never stop learning!! Also dream big! You are the one and only person that can set your limits. Be creative, unique and stay humble doing it!

5.    How do you create balance in life and career?

My balance in life comes from enjoying every minute of the process… watching my kids and grandchildren grow, finding quality time to share with friends and never stopping developing new ideas and dreams.

6.    Your life Motto?

My personal Motto is to feel needed, love, help others through education and inspire!!

7.    What are some struggles you’ve faced in achieving your dreams? And what lessons you learned in the process that our readers can learn from?

Struggles will always come during your journey, learn from them, internalize and stay positive!

8.    Favorite book?

My favorite books are “Fashionpedia” and “The Dynamichs of Fashion”

9.    Your favorite Instagram account and blog and why you love them that much?

My favorite Instagram account is “House of Herrera” because she is a woman that inspires me, not only on the professional aspect but as a family woman too.

10.   Where do you find inspiration?

Vogue’s site also include very interesting articles and points of view to share. I find inspiration on nature, cultures, life experiences…. history and art.

11.   Tell us about your dreams? Where do you want to go, what do you want to do and why?

My dreams will include to introduce myself into the beauty and fragrances industries soon. Coffee is also one of my passions and developing a coffee related business would be on my plans too. 

12.     3 Business Tips to gain more followers and more sales?

My business tips could include: develop your lifestyle, show it and make it sell.

13.      What is the most important thing in your life and why?

The most important thing in my life is Family, those who are always by your side. 

14.  Favorite Word?

My favorite word is Passion… It makes your world move!

15.   Favorite Business Tools?

My favorite business tool is my phone! I can do almost anything from it!

16.     What is your daily routine?

In my daily routine, I start with enjoying my coffee in silence… get everything ready before leaving home with another coffee to go in my hand! Then the day starts either with teaching classes, writing seminars, doing fittings or designing! After a long day I usually go home to rest and start all over again.

17.  What habits you have that are helping you to accomplish your goals?

I am a multi tasking person, to be able to do it is a combination of being organized and having even more organized people in your team.

18. What a Meaningful Life & Business Looks Like?

A Meaningful Life for me is being able to accomplish your dreams while working hard and having your family support.

19. What other projects or big goals you have for the future? 

Not giving up and doing social work along the way.

20. The best fashion trends for this season?

Trends for the season include velvety textures, classic buy now, wear forever pieces, muted orange, message sweaters and bohemian looks in dresses.

To follow more about Lisa and all her daily life at:

Instagram:  @lisathon

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