Hi Friends,

I'm writing you from the top of the roof of "El Blok Hotel"  in Vieques, Puerto Rico. In front of me I have the most stunning view to the ocean and the sunset, I can't describe you how beautiful is this view and vibe on this roof terrace. Well, as I'm enjoy my time with my husband in here I have been thinking a lot about you. Yes, you! You the one that is reading this lines, that have so many dreams, that is working hard to make your dreams come true, you that follow my journey. I have been thinking about you because how amazing will be if I can share this experience with you and my learning experience.

So, let me get back! few month ago we book a fly to go to Mexico last Sunday, Me, our project manager Karisha  and my husband JR I was going to Mexico for a Business Trip then on Friday I wasn't feeling so good about the trip, So I canceled and I was ok to book another fly to Mexico in the next months. I plan so many things for this time at work. As a Wedding Planner we have so much work to do always (Never Stop) so I was ready to continued to work this week. Well my husband had other plans for me, he told me " Zahíra, I need a break from work and I think we should take some time free and have a mini vacation our own if we are not going to Mexico" Well, my first reaction was to told him that I have so much work to do, so I can't go. Then he remains me that we never take some time free and that even we haven't have a honeymoon, so you can imagine how I felt! So bad! So I say yes but under the condition that I have to take sometime to work. So we did!

Know we are in Vieques since last Monday! and I have to say I'm really surprise that I have enjoy my time and at the same time work without feeling stress and I even accomplish so much work from here and that is amazing. As well I have the best team ever, because they are working hard too.

So today I want to share some of the things that I have learn about me and how to run a business that works for you and not the other way around.

  • Taking sometime free dose not hurt anyone and less to your clients: Taking some time can be really healthy for you and your clients as well. First you will be more intentional with your time and accomplish even more when you have a day line to accomplish things. Second, when you take free time for you and your family you can come back to work with a more clear mind to be more creative, productive and intentional with your business and your clients projects.


I learn that I need more work on my self image: 

OH LORD! few days ago my husband take me a picture of me in a bathing suit and my reaction was to say so many bad things about my body and my image, this make my hubby so mad at me. He told me stray to my face that he don't see me that way and that I have to stop talking about me in that way. ** I have talk so much about self love and I have accomplish so much in this area but this the times that things like this happen they apeare show me and to show us (in what we need to work in our self) I definitely need more work to do! So, I promise myself that I will work on that! Here is part of those pictures (Because I promise myself that I will not longer be afraid and ashamed of my body. (And Do I told you that he post it the picture on he;s Facebook page? and In my mind I go crazy, embraced that he share in public that picture) But like I say, I have so much to work again in this area. So, I will start now!


I came along with a term of "Workation" is the art of having a work that you can work from anywhere and have some time free or been a vacation at the same time. 

So, this trip has been that, a work/vacation as soon as I arrive to Vieques, I made a new routine for work. First, we make sure our hotel have Internet so I can work remotely, then I love to get up early so, I walkup around 6:00 am and I work until 8/9 am I respond to emails, send emails to clients and vendors, make some calls and then I plan for the next follow up that I have to make in the second round of work. Then I take off to breakfast with my hubby and have some fun during the day and then I return around 3:00 pm and take that list of follow ups and make them happen, answered some new emails and work in more administration details of the business. Then I take a break to continued some quality time with my hubby and then at night I take some time to revise all our events and what is need to be done as a priority and the next day I make the same thing again.

Creativity its find everywhere:

When you have some free time and you can explore and see other things I promise you that you will find creativity and knowledge around you. From this trip to Vieques I have come to realize so many new things that I will improve and even create for our services, products and even a new realation of our new branding and imagine and even the direction that I want to go with my business.

So I encourage you to explore, fly free, create and see new things!



Customer Service is a ministry: I learn in Vieques in the most small and provincial restaurant and stores, that Customer Service is a ministry and if you treat it that way will pay off in the long run.

I learn about Customer service, I learn that going out of your way to give to your clients the most wonderful experience worth the effort. I learn that say no is not an option when you can make your best to create an unforgettable experience, I learn that when your client want something and they don’t have it, they provide solutions and options so they can feel that you care so much about them that you do what ever it takes to make them happy. They put them self in their clients shoes to understand what their clients are asking and hopping.

Invest time in your family, friends and growth your relations (Meaningful Relations): If you invest your time and efforts in your relations I promise this will make your life more wonderful and it will make you more happy. If you invest your time in Meaningful Relationships you will have a live full of joy.

So, my last thought on this is, take time for you, for your live life to the fullest and to explore and I promise you this will help you grow more in business and in your personal life.


Until our next adventure!