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Last week we share with you our new series "This Girl Knows Growth" a series of Interviews of powerful and brilliant women that are trend setters, women that are inspirational, creative and fun. This girls are creating meaningful growth in their life and careers and I personally admire them so much and this is why I'm sharing their stories. We want you to be inspired to create the life of your dreams, achieve your goals and create Meaningful Growth in your life and career.

This new series is all about strong women; about celebrating our community and empowering each other to be better, to dream big and to work hard for what we really care in life. You will love their stories and their advice.

Today my second guest is Kathleen Pagan of Endlessly Elated a  lifestyle expert, YouTuber and blogger who love to entertain. Kathleen and I meet few years ago in New York, we follow each other on Instagram and it came the opportunity for me to visit NY and I told her that I was going to NY and we meet, we have blast together I meet her Husband and I was with Jose and since then we have continued our friendship online. I have seen her grow in her career as Blogger and LifeStyle expert she have been feature at Latina Magazine, Rachel Show, Huffiest live and many other amazing magazine, TV Shows and blogs. She is making her name as one of the top latinas in NY.  I have interview her in other occasions for our blogs and I steel feel that we have so much to learn from her.

I promise you will love her as much as I, She is Funny, She is Smart and She knows how to celebrate life.

Meet my friend Kathleen Pagan!

 1.    Introduction (Can you please tell us more about you, what you do?)

Hola! Well, my name is Kathleen and I’m a lifestyle blogger and YouTuber that lives for celebrating life, each and every day! From food and cocktail recipes to  styling tips on table tops and fashion alike, I share daily tips and tricks with my readers/followers.

2.    Tell us about your story? (How you started in your career or Business)

I started Endlessly Elated, when my dad passed away in 2012. A defining moment, that when looking back I never saw coming. It was the first time in my life that I stopped ‘doing’ and starting ‘questioning.’ What if I died at a young age (my dad passed away at the age of 62), did I get everything I wanted out of life? Did I live to my fullest potential? It felt very surreal. Almost as if I was meeting myself for the first time and what I gathered was simple; I was blessed with the most supportive family a girl could ask for,  the most amazing friends anyone could ever want, a great boyfriend (then turned husband) and the list went on. But there was one thing that instantaneously didn’t feel right. I wasn’t doing my life’s work. What made me tick. What made me feel passionate. So, just weeks after my dad’s passing, I took all that sadness and grief and silently told my dad I would live up to my own expectations and make him proud. I then founded Endlessly Elated (strategically a name I chose to ensure it was a daily reminder to live a fulfilled life) and the rest is history.

3.    What three things you can’t live without?

Three things I can’t live without are my family/friends (does that count as two?! Ha-ha), a good celebration for absolutely no reason, and coffee! I always need my coffee.

4.   What is your strategy to create your big goals in life? (Some advise for our readers)

For me, it’s about pushing forward no matter what. I tackle mybig goals in small steps and try my hardest not to let them overwhelm me.

5.    How do you create balance in life and career?

Balance? Not sure what this word actually means—ha-ha! In completely honesty, having a full time job and running my business is an everyday task. One that I have to juggle and reprioritize constantly.  During the day, my full focus and attention is on my job. Making sure my to do list is tackled, my team is prepared and anything that is needed from me, is without question accomplished. Then I go home (at whatever time that might be) and Endlessly Elated’s office hours start. Fortunately for me, I don’t have an end time. There are no excuses. I want to succeed, so I don’t complain –oh my gosh, I sound like my parents. I work, I work and I work some more and although I sincerely wish that one day I can look back and say I made it, have a successful empire, the truth is that by my definition I’m already a success. I did make it. You see, success for me is measured by the idea that I get to do what I love. That I am fortunate enough to be able to seize my own potential. So, all I can say is that I’m truly humbled and grateful for all that comes my way. Okay, okay now for the disclaimer: This is by no means to say that every day is all  flowers and sunshine. Of course not! There are days that I want to give up and feel like things are way too difficult but no matter what it’s not what I go through that matters but rather how I come out of it that counts.

6.    Your life Motto?

My life’s motto is simple. Life is too short (and to me, this is no longer just a saying!). Celebrate everyday life and never feel like you need a reason to do so.


7.    What are some struggles you’ve faced in achieving your dreams? And what lessons you learned in the process that our readers can learn from?

I think we all have our struggles. For me, balance is definitely at the forefront of it all. I am so passionate about what I do that I don’t truly know when to stop. When to take it slow. It’s an everyday struggle that I am constantly trying to tackle.

8.    Favorite book?

This is such a hard question! I read a lot so choosing a favorite book is nearly impossible. I would say that my favorite book at the moment is the “Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes.

9.    Your favorite Instagram account and blog and why you love them that much?

This is also tough! Ha-ha! I would say Fashionable Hostess because she lives by my same motto. It’s all about celebrating life plus her pictures are outright amazing!

10.   Where do you find inspiration?

Ahh, things that inspire me besides others in my industry, fellow entrepreneurs, are my followers, supporters, readers. Ultimately, I’m here because of them so whatever they request I do!

15.   Favorite Business Tools?

This might sound crazy, but for me it’s Google. We have the world at our fingertips. We can no longer say we don’t know something. A quick search on Google and you will find exactly what you need. So, when in doubt, Google!

16.     What is your daily routine?

I don’t know that I have one, but what I will say is that I’m an early riser. I feel most productive in the morning. So, alongside a good cup of coffee and my laptop I’m ready to conquer the world!

17.  What habits you have that are helping you to accomplish your goals?

It’s all about pushing forward. Not allowing myself to say something is not possible. I’m such a believer that if you allow negative energy to come into your life, you will harbor it and not achieve what you set out to do. So for me, I consistently say to myself, I WILL do this! I WILL achieve my goal. Of course, this comes with loads of hard work and dedication but everything is possible.

18. What a Meaningful Life & Business Looks Like?

A meaningful life means to surround myself with people that I love and truly support me. Everything else falls second. No amount of materialistic things (including money) will ever be as important as family and friends.

19. What other projects or big goals you have for the future? 

Ahh, can’t say quite yet, sorry!  But 2017 is looking to be a great year! I cannot wait to share!

20. The best advise to entertaining at home?

I would say my best advice when entertaining at home is to not make it a big fuss. So many people hate entertaining because they get overwhelmed. I say, don’t! If you aren’t a good cook order in. If you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen, host a pot luck. The important thing is to spend time around a table, share some laughter, and celebrate. Nothing else!

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