Hi Friends,

After weeks of hard work and so many amazing events we take some time to rest and to organize our days to start our busy season on eventus by zahira. Now we are back and we are taking a close view of our 3r anual sparkle and bliss workshop and I have to be very sincere with you. This event stole my heart on the instant that I created it in 2014, it stole my heart in so many ways that I can’t explain you in clear words. But in a simple way I can say it stole my heart because I’ve seen many people change their life after this event, I’ve seen people transform their business and their personal life in big ways. I seen an industry transformed into a community, I’ve seen relationships transformed in to friendships and even seen how our own hearts have been transformed with the letters, the inboxes and stories that people share with us on how our event have changed their life and gave them hope. It’s not easy task to create an event that is not on a usual way. It’s a challenge create something that change life thru faith, community, business tools and personal growth. sparkle and bliss is not a regular workshop, it’s something that have a very intentional purpose and is to not only give Business Tools to grow business, but to have a Meaningful Growth in their live too. I try my best to give them hope, to create a workshop that is not a superficial thing but to build a family and a community. I give them a space were they can be vulnerable and genuine, we give them tools to help them not only build a business with profit but to take control of their lives, to face their fears and to care about others. I think this explanation it doesn’t even come closer to the intentions and what we do in this workshop.Today I will share with you part of our days.

I hope next year I can see you in this amazing experience too!

We start our day with our new slogan of this event that is #yonotengomiedopaquetulosepas (Yo No tengo Miedo Pa’ Que tu lo Sepas) is says: Just to let you know, I’m not afraid! And then I talked about Excellence don’t come free.

If you don’t know me, I’m Zahíra Domenech owner of eventus by zahira, and Zahíra domenech signature brands and creator of sparkle and bliss & the meaningful growth planner and I created Sparkle and Bliss because when I started my business I didn’t had anybody to search for advise nor a community. On 2004 the mentality was more about competitions and not community so people didn’t shared or helped others because they were afraid of competition. So this is why I created this workshop, to give to others what I wish I had in that time.


The Amazing luis d. ortiz of dj rockhand & high setup talked about how he grew his business and gave us amazing tools to use in our own business to grow and have more clients.

Cynthia martinez  with an excellent talk about discipline for the entrepreneur.

We had emily rivera,  she talked about how to create a new trend in the industry.

karisha perez our Project Manager in eventus by zahira and Co-Owner of sabe a jabón talked about how to use styling to create brand awareness.

Abner Garcia of  guest book talked about how to attract more clients.

 talked about how to use Facebook and Social Media to attract more clients and marketing tools.