Hi Friends,

As we are moving closer to the end of the year. I have been thinking what is ahaed for us in our companies, what changes we have to made and for quiet sometime so many close people, clients, colleges, my staff, friends, followers and so many others have been asking me why I don’t grow more my business or think in a big perspective of our services, products, events and so much more. Well, my respond after this weeks conversations I have come to realize that “I’M AFRAID” and saying this out loud I’m even more afraid. I don’t know why! And at the same time I always teach on my courses and my workshops the importance of don’t be afraid and face your fears. And for quite some time I wasn’t feeling this way, I haven’t been afraid for so many years, I have been felling save, secure and in control in so many ways in my life and as a business owner. But now I really feel afraid! I haven’t bee afraid as much as this words ” Growth & Big”  and now that I have been taking the time to face my fear I understand when it comes thru now.

It comes thru my past experience with “Growing a Business” few years ago my life were very different that now, now is simple, stable, save, in control in so many ways and in my past my life was un-stable, days without have a day free, worried, stress, complicated, with a lot of fears, that brought me to sickness and sadness and the only thing that was great it was my business because we grow in profits, in big achievements, but my life wasn’t great. So, now that in 2011 I change the way I do business, I feel afraid of the next level, because I don’t want to feel the “Growing Pains” if you were on sparkle and bliss you know that I talk about this in my conference and I told the story about my son that is playing Soccer and he don’t want to feel the “Pain” of making a better game. So, Now I’m in the same boat!

I have been fearless in my life, taking risks it was been my Jam, but now if feels deferent when I think of growing. I just want to grow but not lose myself, I want to grow to help more people, but not to be lost in the growing that I can’t take care of the people that follow me that trust me with their stories and their struggles, I want to grow but not to be complicated and have more work and lost time with my family, I want to grow but in a way that I can have more simplicity in my life not more complicated.  I want save and control but yes, I know that I need to grow if I want to accomplish more and help more and create more. And I want to say that I have everything figure out but the truth is that I’m not.

So, the only thing that I have to say is to encourage you if you want to grow too, to start doing what I will do: I will use my “meaningful growth planner” System to find out what kind of growth I want and how I can accomplished.

Here is part of that System:

  1. Knowing the kind of person you want to be, Ask yourself this questions:

    1. What Inspire you?

    2. The most important thing in your life is?

    3. 5 words that describe you?

    4. Describe your dream life:

    5. What’s make you happy?

    6. What are you weaknesses?

    7. Who inspire you? Why?

    8. What do you need to improve in your personality and life?

    9. What you are afraid to do?

  2. What do you want to grow this year?

    1. In your business?

    2. And In your life?

  3. What has been working on your life? And what haven’t working?

  4. What you want to accomplish? in the next 6 Month and in a year?

    1. Steps that you need to do?

    2. People that you need to reach?

    3. Why you want to accomplish this

After you write all of this take a time to make your game plan? do research and contact the people that can help you create your goals.

Always remember to grow in the way that make sense to you and that is a Meaningful Growth in your business and in your life.

I will keep you posted in our growing story!