En Zahira Domenech nos dedicamos a empoderar, inspirar y educar a mujeres empresarias que desean crear un crecimiento intencional en sus vidas y sus negocios. Aquí encontraras todo sobre nuestros cursos online tanto en español e ingles, talleres y conferencias en vivo. Aquí aprenderás todo sobre como tener más libertad de tiempo, dinero y como generar dinero consistentemente con tu negocio online. 

In Zahira Domenech not only help latinas that talk in Spanish but you would see a lot of content in English too, since we have a lot of our Latinas that only speak English and we want to serve you all the best that we can. So stay toon for more! 



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We are a lifestyle brand and creative studio on a mission to empower and inspired women through fashionable and purposeful brands, products and courses. With an editorial approach to education, entertaining and inspiration we are the perfect destination for women around the world looking to live in a joyful way in their careers and life. We believe everyday life doesn't have to be ordinary. We believe in enjoying our messy and imperfect life. We believe women doesn't have to be perfect to love their family, their work and themselves. We believe in creating every day life as unique, fun and beautiful as our souls. 

In you will find tools and inspiration to create a beautiful and meaningful life and career; through our passion for empowering women into self-improvement, entertaining, organizing and planning. In our site you will find all about Zahíra's Brands + all her insides about business/career, event styling, entertaining, fashion, organization + a community of powerful women that will inspired you to dream big. Our Mission is to help you achieve your big goals and create joyful and extraordinary life. 

Meet Zahíra

Owner & Creative DirectorEventus by Zahíra

Creator of: The Meaningful Growth Planner

Founder & Creative Director: Sparkle and Bliss 

Influencer . Entrepreneur . Speaker . Creative

Behind the Story


I'm an entrepreneur by nature; I've been an entrepreneur since I was 17 years old. I always knew that I wanted to have my own business since I was a little girl, my father was a carpenter and he had his own shop, he designed beautiful kitchens and furniture. When I was a little girl I saw how he talked to his clients, and people loved him, he was so talented and creative, and I love that about him. So, I grew up knowing that it was possible to have something that I could call my own. I started to work really early at the age of 14 and at 16 I was already working at an advertising agency, then between college and my job I started my first business. I opened a promotions agency and it was a hit, but quickly I learned that having a business was hard work, also, making, managing money and having employees was another deal. Even though I was making a lot of money at just 17 years old, I knew something was off and it was that I had a calling to do something more with my life. So, I closed that business and continued my education in a major in Public Relations and Marketing. 


I've been a risk taker all my life. I haven't been afraid of taking risks because since I was young, I've always known that the best thing in life is that tomorrow will be another day to start all over again, and that you will always learn something from your failures. 
So at the age of 23, back in 2004, I started a very succesful destination wedding planning & designing firm called  eventus by zahira. Eventus has been my baby for the past 12 years. I've been very succesful, have been named one of the best wedding planners in the world by Junebug Weddings, have been featured in many magazines internationally and have been in many places, like Mexico, Mauritius, South Africa, and many more as a speaker. 
Recently, we are openning a new branch in Mexico, Florence and Washington. Our company has been one of the top and I've been recognized as an expert in my field,  I've been enjoying my journey and accomplishing most of all my goals.  

A NEW CALLING | 2011-2012

So here in 2011-2012, I started all over again and built my dream business more powerful, solid and meaningful than ever. I learned how to love myself, I learned how to work, not harder but more intelligent. I started to help other women in my industry and other creative business owners. They come to me for mentorship on their branding, how to make more money, how to book more clients, how to conduct in social media, how they could be featured in the media, how they can grow their business and make more balance in their life. 
I noticed that those women that I've been helping, since then, they have been amazing in their business and transformed their lives in so many ways, and I feel so proud of this. Looking at them I feel that when a woman is empowered and you help them on how to do things in a simple way, they can conquer their world, and if they are happy, their family, their clients and their enviroment is healthier in so many ways. So, since then I haven't look back, and each year we have more than 90 women in our programs and in our workhops, where I'm able to teach them the same skills that I have applied in my business, and other women's business.

So, this is why this year, this is my number one goa,l to help more female entrepreneurs to build profitable and meaningful brands that help them to live more, have more freedom to create their dream life. And I have created this new space where you can find different programs that you can join and start your journey to success and start living your dreams. 


In 2016, one of the best things that happened to us was to be part of "Tuesdays Together". The Rising Tide Society Tuesdays Together groups is a space for Creative Entrepreneurs, Weekend Warriors, and Small Business CEO's to grow and thrive in the spirit of Community over Competition. Being part of this movement has been giving me the opportunity to help others and grow as a community, also to share with other amazing business owners that have the same mentality as we have, about community over competition. 

If you have a small business, you have to be part of this amazing movement and find out if in your country or state you already have a group. 

If you live in Puerto Rico and want to join us, come to our facebook group to be part of our meetings. tuesdays together san juan and visit the rising tide society and learn more about the movement and to find out a group closer to your home. 


The story behind The Meaningful Growth Planner.

In 2013 I started to change my life, and in 2010 I created a system that has been a reflection of who I am and what my nature is all about, by acomplishing things in life since I was a little girl. 
Becasue I'm a creative by nature, I'm a very visual person, and creating a system that helped me acomplished my goals and organized my ideas it's been key on growing my business and live more. 

What is Meaningful Growth? 
Meaningful growth is when you rise above all circumstances, is when you make progress even when you're feeling that you cannot see the final destination, is loving yourself so much that you stop thinking of what others ask from you and you start asking yourself the right questions like:

1. Am I happy doing this? 

2. What I really want in life? 

3. How I can be at service for others in an authentic way?

4. How can I grow more as a person, as a mom as a business owner, and as a friend?

5. What can I learn from this?

6. What are the things that are meaningful and really important in my life?

Meaningful Growth is looking for purpose and not perfection, is looking for happiness in simplest things in life, is to create an intentional and purposeful life, is doing what makes you happy instead of doing things for money, for ego, for comparison, for fear, or for lack of faith.

So, this is why since 2013 I have been working on this project of creating a planner that is more than a planner. At that time, I was just finished with my last "chemo" treatment, so a few months before, that I was already thinking of the things that I wanted to do next. 
So, I wrote this guide to help me achieve all my goals and the things that I wanted to accomplish at that time and I took inspiration on so many hand writing journals that I've collected for over 14 years (I know, I love journaling)

So, this planner was born with the desire to share a system that has  been helping me in so many ways in my life. I have learned that life is not about money, or fancy things, like what car do I own, what house do I live in, how succesful my business is, how perfect is my son at school, or having the perfect husband. Life is about Meaningful Growth!! It is about doing things with simplicity, is to serve others with love, is about loving with our full heart, is about meaningful relationships, is about faith, laughs, about having the time to do the things you love and that are really important to you, it's about managing your time to nurture what is really important to you. And for me, meaningful growth is about my family, about yourself care, about God and about having a meaningful carreer. 

I just hope this planner and all of our products inspire you to live more, have the freedom that you deserve to live life to the fullest and create all your dreams, because a dream without a plan is just a wish!

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As I closed that first business and continued my education in my major in Public Relations and Marketing, I started to work at a very prestigious public relations firm, and this is when everything changed in my life. That experience taught me many of the things that I use today in my business and with my coaching clients. This is why I always say that any experience in life is not a waste of time, God puts you on the right path even if you don't know it. As I was working on the firm, I was in charge of creating the public relations campaing and corporate events for our VIP clients. During that time I learned so much about public relations, the media, designing, branding, marketing, networking, corporate events, create massive productions, productions of product presentations and so much more. As I was working on the firm, one day one of my best friends at that time called me and asked me to plan and design her wedding in New York City at the Plaza Hotel. I was in shock because even though I was in charge of planning, producing and designing corporate events at our firm, I've never had the experience of planning a wedding and more difficult a destination wedding, but she insisted, and long story short,  I did planned her beautiful wedding, and felt in love with the Wedding Industry. Planning weddings and designing them was my passion. 
So I return to my job, and quit almost 3 months after that, and took the risk of building my dream business. 


In 2010 I was in the pick of my business, and my life collapsed. 
I was married at that time and got divorced. I was working almost fourteen hours a day, and four days after I made the decision to separate of who at that time was my husband, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and almost one week after, my son was diagnosed with a learning disorder. 
Now you can imagine all the things that I was a going through at that time. After the second visit with my doctor, he said to me "Zahíra, you have to change your life completely and you have to start loving yourself more", I was in shock, why was he telling me this, he continued, "you will get through this cancer, but this is a sign from God to give you a second chance to live a better life, you have to change the way you are working, you have to meditate and pray and build a relationship with God, you have to take care of yourself in a better way". 
I came back from my chemo and I was devastated by my failure in my marriage, as a mother and as a business owner, I felt like a total failure for the first time in my life. But soon I started to make some changes in my life, I started to meditate and pray daily, I made a pause in my business (we were not accepting new clients at that time), I started looking for options to help my son and I started to love myself again. I learned how to make business in such a better way, so that I could have the freedom to live more and earn more. 
I made the necessary adjustments to build again a business that was more centered in purpose and meaningful for my clients, my family and me. And as I started all over again, I learned how to make business in a new way. So I learned how to create the stronger and meaningful business that Eventus is today. 


After many years of wishing and dreaming about creating a kind of experience in form of a live workshop, we created Sparkle and Bliss, an experience to learn on how to create a meaningful brand, how to market it, how to use social media and to facilitate a community of like-minded creative business owners, in a space where they share their stories, which is inspiring in a community that judgment and expectations of perfection  does not exist, where you can learn in an environment where you can be vulnerable without fear, where you can find answers, support and guidance along the way, where you will cultivate genuine relationships with other business owners that are in the same journey. 

"One of my goals and desires in life is to help others to create a life and business that cultivates what matters most in life. I want to teach other creative business owners that you can have a successful business without having a mentality of judgment, perfection or competition to grow your business. I want to facilitate a community to support each other and grow together." - Zahíra Domenech


For several years, I was learning how to love myself more and more. To expect the best of life, to trust God and that even when things don't go my way, God have a better plan for me. 

I'm so blessed that I  got married to my best friend, and as one of my priorities in life, also my number one goal, is to create a Meaningful Marriage so we can be more in balance in life. We want to create a purposeful life in our home as a couple as a well with  #sebymiamor

For me, creating a Meaningful Marriage is about cultivating what is really important to us, to have a balance in life, have more freedom to live in the moment with your family. 

So, this is our story! 
We met on a 4th of July, in the house of a mutual friend. He is a photographer and we were working on the same industry. Since that day we became amazing friends, we loved to dance salsa, and for the next 28 days straight we saw each other. We danced together, we laughed and we had so much fun together. Our friendship grew and we were inseparable. After many resistance from my side, I decided to give me the chance of love again.  jose not only taught me how a beautiful & healthy relationship felt like but he taught me how to love myself even more, and for me that was something incredible. 
I think I felt in love with him when I saw the way he treated my son, the way he makes him laugh and the way that my son loves him back. 
After my divorce, I had decided that I'll never get married again, my plan was to rise my son, grow my business and be alone. But as I always say, God have his own plans with our life. 

After almost three years we got marry, as I'm writing this lines, I'm celebrating that we are newlyweds, we got married on April 3rd, 2016 on a beautiful and sunny day. 
My wedding was all that I've ever dreamt and more. (You can see part of our journey in here 

I'm blessed that I married my best friend and since I never imagined that this would happen to me, I just can tell you that dreams do come true, that life is beautiful if you take the time to see the beauty that surrounds you. Be grateful even in times that you're not receiving  what you have been asking for, because God always has a way to surprise us in so many unexpected ways. 


As I'm writing the story of my life. I want to say thank you to read all this lines. I'm so glad that you are here because this means that you and me have something in common, and that you want to create something extremely big and different in your life. 
This means that you, like me, Know that you have something in you, very special and it have to be share with the world, it means that you want to be free and you know that you deserve better, because you are a divine woman, intelligent, strong and powerful, and you know that you deserve to have a succesful business that allows you to live more and earn more, to have the freedom to create the life you've always wished for. 

If you're feeling a little lost, overwhelmed, intimidated, and/or talking yourself out of growing a business due to lack of education, money, experience or a litany of the other things, I feel you. 

I've traveled the world teaching entrepreneurs how to transform their business and I've stood amazed seeing their progress...

I understand the power of harnessing a brand and leveraging unique qualities every business owner possesses, so I'm creating online courses for creative entrepreneurs. I have created a blueprints for your Marketing and Branding that has helped so many women like you. 

I invite you to visit our courses and our programs, and to join us on creating your dream business that allows you to have more freedom in your life. 


"Let me be witness of your progress and see what you write on the story of your life"